Thursday 25 July 2013

The top players return!

What ecstasy for the landing of Higuain

He’s the latest important arrival after Tevez, Gomez, Llorente, Strootman

Serie A recalls the great names

And it is not finished: Verratti to return?

Martinez assault: Napoli offer €32m

“Sentence Mauri, Lazio -6 and Genoa -3”

Galliani on Constant: “He shouldn’t have walked off”

Inter, Thohir gives the guarantees

Moratti’s role in the new club set-up being studied

Guardiola wins his derby with Barca (2-0)

Djalma Santos, goodbye to the father of all full-backs

Higuain ecstasy

Now Jackson Martinez for Napoli

The Argentine arrives and is submerged with love

“I’m very happy”

Reina also in Italy

35m offered to Porto for the Colombian

Palazzi’s shock requests, Lazio -6 and Mauri 54 months

Betting, iron fist from prosecutors: -3 to Genoa and Lecce

“Constant should not have gone”

Inter-Thohir, we are there

Borriello: Yes

Juve: Quagliarella to go, Isla to remain

Totti plays on the beach with the kids

Juve-Napoli, swoops and blows!

The triumphant arrival of Higuain leads to a Maradona attack

The rivalry between the two clubs who were protagonists in the last Scudetto race is ignited further by the arrival of Pipita

Taking a slogan from Dimaro, Il Pibe de Oro goes in hard: “Real Argentines don’t play in Turin…”

Tevez didn’t appreciate it, also because champions such as Orsi, Monti, Sivori and Camoranesi have played there, along with the French-Argentine Trezeguet

What a welcome for the ex-Galatico

Llorente tweets: “Yes, I’m fine”

Toro: Larrondo OK, maybe Ghoulam

Stop to racism, but Galliani shouts at everyone

Thohir wants his Inter like Arsenal

Emeghara swoop for Samp’s attack