Friday 26 July 2013

Moratti-Thohir, a cold coffee

A meeting at Caffe Armani between the Asian magnate and a perplexed Nerazzurro President

“Forward steps? Absolutely not. In fact…”

The problem of interest charges delays things

No closure before Sunday, but Thohir will have 75.67 per cent for €346m

Napoli unleashed, €20m ready to have Verratti

De Laurentiis offer to PSG, but Juve and Fiorentina remain on alert

Roma to PSG: “You want Pjanic? Yes, for Pastore”

Milan-Honda, talks will continue until the last minute

Juve sell Matri and Quaglia, Premier ideas

Ronaldinho is back, triumph and he now targets the World Cup

Thohir picks up Inter

The Indonesian magnate has arrived in Milan and dined with Moratti to define the operation

The signatures are on their way

He’ll take 75 per cent of the club

Mazzarri a strong reference point with Leonardo as a director

Napoli to shout about, Verratti too!

And Capello hails Higuain: “Very good”

De Sanctis: “Roma, we’ll go far”

Milan ultimatum to CSKA for Honda

Matri is in the sights of Everton and Liverpool

Mauri’s defence: “There is no proof”

Gattuso: “Palermo, believe as I do”

Inter to Thohir

Juve, now he’s taking you on

Toro-Ghoulam: Sparks

“Higuain? Tevez is the best deal!”

That is the outcome of a poll with directors and agents

With finances taken into account, the Apache is better than Pipita

A meeting for Zuniga, Matri the key man

Julio Cesar: Go Fiorentina

Genoa chase Briand and Saivet