Monday 5 August 2013

Inter and Juve alarms!

Nerazzurri collapse (4-0) against Valencia in front of Moratti

Bianconeri beaten (3-1) by Galaxy which infuriates Conte

“This will not do, we need furore or we will put on more bad shows”

And they play each other tomorrow in an attempt to avoid last place

Balotelli has won over New York as a superstar

Fiorentina build a wall: “Milan offers inadmissible”

The player’s father arrives

Messi, Barca set price: “He’ll cost €580m”

Alex effect: He brings back the tourists

Assault on Jesolo for Del Piero: “The future? I’ll decide at Christmas”

Napoli, the defence is conceding too much, Skrtel objective

Juve shock

Conte’s ire: We are no longer hungry. Tevez a case

Heavy loss in America versus Galaxy

Mazzarri alarm, Inter collapse against Valencia

“Whoever wants Messi will have to pay €580m”

Roma, Gervinho is ready

The player is already in good form: “Now I am happy”

New foreigners, let’s discover who they are

We have reached 50, but it will grow

The majority are Argentines

“Wake up or I’ll thrash you!”

Juve KO against Galaxy too: Conte’s anger explodes

“The slap can serve us well in the Super Cup if we rediscover our hunger and nastiness: Everyone should know that I’ll be lying in wait for them”

Milan at last, Honda is a done deal

Inter-Taider, there is an agreement

Schelotto for Gilardino

St Etienne: “Ghoulam, to Toro or out of the squad”

Gervinho has landed: “It fills me with joy to be here”

Julio Cesar cut from QPR, Fiorentina now closer

Perez wants to make peace with Bologna and trains at Riccione

Morace: “After B, Trapani now dream of taking on Napoli”

Alex nostalgia: “Juve, you are the strongest”