Saturday 17 August 2013

Del Piero exclusive: Juve win it all!

‘The team is capable of taking a third straight Scudetto and challenging for the Champions League’

‘Saying goodbye was a trauma for me. It’s gratifying to know none of my ex-teammates wanted to wear the 10’

Ancelotti launches the new Real: ‘Kaka will become great again too’

Mou’s Chelsea take on Manchester as the Premier League kicks off

Zuniga: ‘Napoli, I am happy here’

Astori is very close indeed

Milan, Allegri’s four doubts for PSV, but Balotelli is there

Inter, final sprint for Isla and by the end of August they’ll be Thohir’s

Tomorrow Mazzarri debuts in the Coppa Italia, today 28 teams in action

Ancelotti: ‘Real and Milan will win!’

‘My team can’t stay out of the Champions League Final, so Ronaldo will help me’

‘I’ll challenge Barça with spectacle. Bale? Today I say he won’t come...’

‘Mou? This club goes beyond everything’

Napoli a step away from Astori and consider Mascherano

Lazio and Mauri, more investigation needed

Appeal sentence postponed, tomorrow the Super Cup with Juve

Roma, Nani with Osvaldo’s money

Inter-Isla, the charge is on again

Serie A enters the Coppa Italia: Cagliari’s go, Palermo try again and Lecce at Parma


Tomorrow Lazio-Juve, the Coach raises the tension

Diamanti awaits Marotta’s move

Toro, win straight away and then it’s up to Cairo

Tonight they face Pescara in the Coppa Italia

Premier League and Liga begin, the race to catch United and Barça

Milan: PSV, then Honda

Pizarro’s wrecked, Fiorentina dive back in for Verratti

Mazzarri bets it all on Argentina-style Inter