Wednesday 28 August 2013

Allegri playing for everything

The future of Milan and the Coach tied to Champions League qualification

“We won’t betray”

Millions for new buys at stake

The Rossoneri need a win (or a 0-0)

Galliani calls Juve for Matri

In the end Ljajic moves to Roma

The Viola will get €11m

Toni in the national side against Bulgaria, Prandelli is thinking about it

Mourinho continues to press, but Eto’o is in Milan on his Nerazzurri bike

Juve: Tevez asks for a quadruple, a title in a fourth different country

Rivera to the technical sector, Pancalli to lead the youngsters

“Higuain badly treated, now I want €100m”

Ljajic to Roma!

The Serbian says yes to the Giallorossi: He will be Lamela’s substitution

And Fiorentina sign Rebic

Milan’s night of truth – Champions League or chaos

Napoli against Capri: “Give us €100m”

They ask for Higuain damages, big offer to Zuniga

Juve negotiate for Nainggolan and baby Kempf

Inter go from petrol to coal

Rooney: “Enough United, I’m going”

The attacker comes out: He’ll leave Manchester, Mou awaits

“Pogba is worth €200m!”

Raiola: “Paul is like a Dali painting: Real set the price by paying Bale €100m”

Balotelli, you take care of it

Ghoulam a step away from Torino

Higuain: Napoli want €100m in compensation

Thohir will bring in four associates for Inter

Ljajic to Roma, Fiorentina sign Rebic

Genoa repairs, here is Centurion for the attack

Livorno: Nicola will also have Coda and Biagianti