Saturday 31 August 2013

Milan, the turning point

After signing Matri (who wears Inzaghi’s 9), surprising Boateng sale to Schalke

Still nothing for Honda, who will arrive in January, so now push for Kaka

Juve, Conte moans: ‘Without Matri we are weaker’

‘I didn’t want to sell Giaccherini either. I accept these decisions, but I don’t share them’

‘Marotta thinks we’re on a par with Real Madrid? We are a car, they are a tank’

Benitez visits Chievo with Higuain

Catania taboo and Mazzarri asks for Inter overtime

If Pereira leaves, they consider Marquinho at the last minute

Man Utd offer €10m, De Rossi says: No thank you

Roma now push for Astori

Europa League: Fiorentina and Lazio smile at their draw

Guardiola gobbles up Mou at the last penalty

Euro Super Cup: 10-man Chelsea go in front, Bayern catch them and win on spot-kicks

Bale goes to Real Madrid, the deal is worth €101m

Conte attacks Juve!

Lazio arrive, he vents against the club over Matri’s sale: ‘We strengthened Milan’

Napoli visit Chievo and want Higuain’s goals

Boateng to Schalke: Milan, now what?

CSKA Moscow say no for Honda, Kaka argues over wages

Wonderful European Super Cup: Bayern win on penalties

Europa League: Legia for Klose, Dnipro risk for Fiorentina

Verona Coach Mandorlini: ‘I have a Moroccan brother, I can’t be racist’

Palermo, what a test against Tavano’s Empoli

And Conte exploded!

‘We are weaker, I am being forced to accept transfer decisions’

Tonight Lazio, but his rant takes centre stage

‘I wouldn’t have sold Giaccherini and Matri. It’s difficult to make a puzzle if you keep removing pieces’

Milan to and fro, Boateng sold to Schalke

Rossoneri speed up negotiations for Kaka (along with LA Galaxy) after CSKA say no for Honda

Dossena fails medical, so Toro look to Pasquale and Valdes

Benitez: ‘Come on, Higuain’

He’ll lead Napoli’s attack against Chievo despite his accident

Fiorentina and Lazio, the danger comes from the East