Wednesday 4 September 2013

Prandelli, the World Cup and then he’ll go

The Azzurri boss will leave after Brazil

There is already a list of possible successors: Zaccheroni is in pole with the backing of Sacchi

But watch out for Allegri

Meanwhile, another bench for El Shaarawy on Friday against Bulgaria

Moratti: “I dreamt of Kaka. Mazzarri our rock”

Ricky split into three for the new Milan

And there is the Niang incident

Malago ‘re-opens’ the stadiums

“Enough restrictions for who wants to see a game”

Tevez and budget, Agnelli’s sustainable Juve

Strootman OK: “Nice Roma, Totti is the boss”

Moratti: “Watch out Juve”

The Inter President unleashed ahead of the game

“We are not that far away and Mazzarri will help us”

“He is a rock, we needed someone like him”

And Buffon prepares himself for the Azzurro record: He like Cannavaro

Milan, Champions League chaos

Niang left out of the squad by error: He won’t play in Europe

You don’t behave? Then there will be no Under-21

The fans judge the market: Napoli yes, Lazio no

Prandelli leaves

Conte takes on everyone

Once World Cup qualification is assured, the Coach will announce his future: Goodbye after Brazil

The options in Italy and abroad

There is also his name for the Azzurri bench, but the Juventus Coach wants to lift the Champions League and World Club Cup: First history, then the future

Moratti: “Juve, watch out”

“Inter still have to reduce the gap with the champions, but we know how to do that. Mazzarri? A rock.”

Inquiry: “Toro, you can only save yourselves”

Europe’s big eight x-rayed