Wednesday 18 September 2013

What a waste Juve

The Bianconeri go a goal down, they create 11 scoring opportunities – but they stop at Quagliarella’s equaliser

Wiland saves all

Conte: “Creating chances is not enough, you need to put the ball in if you want to win games”

Balotelli+Matri for Euro redemption to banish thoughts

Benitez warns: “A spectacular game without fear”

A Real debut for Ancelotti (6-1), Ibra doesn’t do a Balo

Inter, curva closed because of the racist boos

Lawyers of Moratti and Thohir meet – they prepare the sale

Euro Juve immediately stopped

Champions League, just a 1-1 in their debut at Copenhagen

Quagliarella avoids the KO, but it is a missed opportunity

Real score six, PSG four, Manchester clubs avalanche

Milan play the Matri card: “I’ll beat Celtic”

Napoli exam, Benitez shouts: “We are strong”

Totti helps cure a girl from Parma

Inter hit hard, curva closed for racism

Enough to bite your hand off

Juve, errors and misfortune: Just a 1-1 in Copenhagen

Another slow start in Europe

The Danish ‘keeper performs miracles, but the Bianconeri and Conte have their faults, in the end they have to thank Quagliarella

And now Llorente is a problem

Real, PSG and City devastating on the road

“Yes, this Toro is stronger”

Milan: It’s Matri’s turn, the Celtic executioner

Napoli, the trio of Real threaten Borussia

The closed Curva infuriates Inter