Tuesday 8 October 2013

Red and black card

What punishment for Milan!

Clamorous, San Siro closed to fans for the Udinese match for the chants in Turin against Neapolitans: It’s a first

Galliani: “The rules over territorial racism must be changed”

Beretta agrees

As if that wasn’t enough – Mexes handed a four-match ban

Totti dresses up in Azzurro

Prandelli alerts him: “If he’s like this in May then I will take him to Brazil”

Totti: “I am focused on Roma, but…never say never”

Fernando doesn’t renew, Inter will have a go in January

Roma-Napoli on Friday 18

The Prefect: “What pressure”

Galliani: “They’ll kill us like this”

The judge dishes out a heavy punishment

San Siro closed and four-match ban for Mexes

Tough response from Milan: “Only 50 people are needed to ruin a club, the rules on territorial discrimination need to be changed”

The Lega writes to the Federation

Prandelli: “Totti in World Cup condition”

“If the tournament in Brazil was now then I would certainly call him up to the Azzurri”

Here is the confirmation, Roma-Napoli on the 18th

De Laurentiis: “The game of games. I’m proud of this team”

Juve discover the beauty of goals

The gems from Pirlo and Giovinco are applauded by the Bianconero world

And the Prince brings football to Buckingham

Mou attacks the divers like…Balotelli

Juve against Prandelli

The CT’s call-ups opens a situation

A few players are not in shape to face two useless World Cup qualifiers

The first on the list is Pirlo who may not play

The Federation replies: We have to form a squad

Milan, what blows!

Four-match ban for Mexes (three from TV evidence for the punch on Chiellini) and San Siro closed against Udinese because of fan chants

Gervasoni stopped!

The referee will be punished for the errors committed in Samp-Toro

The Granata would be fourth without refereeing mistakes

Iturbe and Jorginho, the gold of a Verona who dream

Roma, +24 per cent on the stock market

Against Napoli on the 18th