Thursday 10 October 2013

Serie A confesses

Depression, racism, homosexuality: 50 players agreed to reply anonymously to our questions

They also judge their colleagues, Coaches and referees

A lot of truth and a few surprises, such as Balotelli is among the three most over-rated players

46 per cent think video replays during a game are the ideal solution for Serie A

34 per cent admit an openly gay player would be treated differently in the locker room

Platini: Continue with the rules

The revolt of the Curve united: Juve ultras threatened chants in Florence, while Genoa and Brescia also stand by Milan and Inter

Iuliano accuses a referee of racism and threatens him, earning a six-month ban

Prandelli stops Balotelli: ‘You’re not going home, you will stay here’

Face to face between Mario and the Coach, Milan striker wanted to leave because of a muscular problem

Buffon hits 137 and calls up Totti: ‘He is immortal’

Milito injured again, this time perhaps a thigh strain

Di Natale: ‘Gila, Totti, Toni and me – who are you calling past it?’

Not just a miracle, here’s how Serie B leaders Lanciano were formed

The pact of the ultras

Co-ordinated actions all over Italy, the measures are ready to stop them

Racism will be punished only in the sectors where the chants come from

Balotelli injury, but he’ll remain with the Azzurri

Buffon: ‘Totti is infinite’

The secrets of Roma and Napoli

Tevez: ‘Pope Francis, call me’

The Juve striker visits Tuttosport

‘The Pontiff really struck my heart, I’d love to speak to him about the difficult areas of Buenos Aires’

‘If Conte tries to leave, I’ll stop him. He is a winner, like Ferguson, and swept me away with tactics’

‘Real Madrid? I am frightened only by my neighbourhood, the barrio, not the Bernabeu. We’ll play in Madrid, as we are Juve’

‘Balotelli is great, but I cannot tell you about our adventures in Manchester’

Pasquale: ‘I am not just passing through Toro’

FIGC opens up to the Lega on softer punishment for insulting chants