Thursday 24 October 2013

Old Lady mugged

A beautiful and naive Juve mistreated by the referee

The situation for the beaten Bianconeri in Madrid is now critical

Ancelotti’s Real win with 11 against 10 with a Ronaldo brace

The penalty is correct, but the red card for Chiellini is really excessive

Mancini makes Gala fly: 3-1 and second place

Ibra scores four, Cavani one

Bayern avalanche too

Handyman Kaka: “I have rediscovered joy”

Allegri versus Balo: Too soft on the pitch

Barbara Berlusconi: “Dad was heard”

Roma establish their super bonus, Scudetto is worth €10m

The money for the squad in case of the title is inserted into the budget – there is also a safety bonus

Mazzarri tries to rebuild the wall hoping in Samuel

They have conceded seven goals in three matches without Campagnaro

Space for Andreolli?

Mandorlini: “What an emotion to play for fourth at San Siro”

Juve anger, but now it is tough

The Bianconeri, on a par with Real, beaten by two goals from Ronaldo

Chiellini sent off, referee questioned

Galatasaray win and overtake

Ibra poker and Bayern score five

Viola, Montella thinks big

There is Pandurii, the Coach pushes: “We must book our place in Europe”

Lazio at Nicosia, Petkovic attacks

“The results are lacking, soon in top shape”

For the return only the Curva Nord is closed

Roma, €10m ready for the Scudetto gift

Pallotta beware, the boom is liked by too many

New Inter, there is Sabatini in the plans for the future

Centurion Rafa enchanted by Pompeii

Juve with their heads held high, the referee no

Real win 2-1 and also thank the German [referee] Grafe

Hit and response from Ronaldo-Llorente, then the contested penalty for a foul by Chiellini who is wrongly sent off in the second half

A Vidal penalty turned down

The anger from the Bianconeri, Tevez fired up: “We must think about our errors”

The win by Galatasaray (3-1 against Copenhagen) complicates the Bianconeri’s path in the Champions League

A champion of disloyalty

Toro, two months of fire to become great and for the new contracts

Moratti and Mazzarri should learn from Ventura

Fiorentina at full power

Petkovic to Lazio: “Let’s get points”

Milan: Still sparks between Allegri and Berlusconi