Friday 25 October 2013

Guardiola: “You will do it Juve”

The Bayern boss: “Conte’s side is world class, they can win them all. The hierarchy has not changed, they are still amongst the giants”

A waterfall of gold: €190m from Adidas

Agreement – they will be the new technical sponsors of the Bianconeri for six years

Balo, home in Milan and growth with a tutor

Milan – The centre-forward will leave his villa in Como

“President? Difficult. I am used to making decisions”

Moratti –  role remains uncertain now that he has sold

Ronaldo: “Moratti? I want to get close to him again”

“He spent a lot, it is right that he has netted some money back. Me? I’m unique…”

Europa League: Fiorentina score three, Lazio are still obscure

Borriello along with Ljajic, an unusual pairing for Roma

High risks and low pay – the life of a steward in Italian stadiums

Toure insulted: “Racist Russia. No to the World Cup”

Juve-Milan: The battle for money

Agreement between the Bianconeri and Adidas: €190m in six years

More or less than the Rossoneri?

A storm between the two clubs

Lazio don’t go, but Fiorentina do

Petkovic gets a 0-0 in Cyprus, 3-0 to the Viola

De Laurentiis against Platini

“Crazy rules, more money to clubs”

Too many taxes: French football stops to strike

“Tevez? I will keep Gila” – words of Gasperini

Rebirth of Robinho: “It’s all down to Kaka”

Bologna, Gianni Morandi arrives in the dressing room

Robben’s big refusal: “Guardiola, I won’t take the penalty”


It rains money for Juve: Six-year deal with Adidas

From the 2015-16 season the Bianconeri will be even richer

Vidal, what an own goal: “Real, I like you”

We reveal the new home of Milan

Offices, restaurant, museum, official store – everything close to San Siro

Thohir’s Inter: “My idol is Ventola and my son is a Juventino”

Cairo-D’Ambrosio, photo-contract

Fiorentina II don’t disappoint (3-0)

Lazio dry against the Cypriots

Golden Boy youngster 2013

Pogba the big favourite, but watch out for Januzaj

The Ronaldo regret