Sunday 27 October 2013

Four hurrahs for Moratti

Inter 4-2 Verona, San Siro applauds the Treble President who sold to Thohir

Nerazzurri overtake Hellas to go fourth and now have 10 different goalscorers

Romulo: ‘The referee was unfair’

The new Balo is without his Mohican

The earring is also gone, the first signs of changes in his look and his life

Conte: ‘They are trying to destabilise us’

De Sanctis in Udine between records and revenge

Benitez is the TinkerMan with his ninth different line-up

Samp soar, Atalanta ko

Fiorentina face Chievo test

Neymar plus Sanchez, Barça fly

Real rage for a penalty they were denied

What an Inter!

Goals and a show for Moratti

San Siro applauds the President at his farewell and the team flattens Verona 4-2

Mazzarri: ‘We need to mature’

Roma chase the record

Napoli have Higuain doubt

Barça triumph, but Real are furious

Conte and Allegri rebel: ‘Enough!’

Juventus boss: ‘They want to destabilise us’

Milan Coach: ‘I make the decisions, not Berlusconi’

Petkovic gambles with Lazio against Cagliari

Lanciano are unstoppable

Serie B: Another success for Baroni. Palermo and Bari just get a point

Juve-Genoa, a run that could relaunch the Bianconeri

Mission comeback

The Stadium is the extra weapon in Serie A and Champions League

Conte new attack on the enemies: ‘I ask the fans to help us’

Inter, show for Thohir

Verona crushed 4-2, first victory for the post-Moratti Nerazzurri

Allegri’s Milan deadline: ‘We’ll see in May’

Ghoulam set to arrive

Marvellous Sanchez celebrates with Neymar, too much Barça for Real

Pecci fires them up: ‘Come on Toro, you’ve got Cerci’

Thiam the hero for Lanciano

Spezia soar with Ebagua and Crotone surprise again