Monday 28 October 2013

Roma the anthem of joy

Tevez and Higuain bite

The leaders don’t stop – they also win at the Friuli despite the dismissal of Maicon

Garcia’s orchestra plays their ninth symphony in Udine – record in Europe

The chasing pack don’t give up though

Juve with Carlitos-goal defeat Genoa

Two Pipita penalties allow Napoli to beat Toro

Comment - A strong signal

Milan-Balo in hell, Galliani against the referee

Parma win it at the end with Parolo, Cassano good

Super Mario (crestless) replaced for the first time by Allegri

The Rossonero director argues: “Two penalties denied and the decisive free-kick should not have been awarded”

Three golden points for Bologna

Cuadrado wakes up and Fiorentina fly

Klose cure – Lazio OK

A fairy tale start for Palacio

Eight goals and his marks are on the rise

A legendary Roma

The leaders also win at Udine: 1-0

Historic record of opening season victories: Nine

But it is not enough for Garcia: “I want the title”

Napoli go with a brace of Higuain penalties

The Argentine ends his drought: “I’m thinking of winning the Scudetto”

Vidal-Tevez, Juve hold up

Conte attacks and then bows

“I won’t accept lies about us, this Roma is extraordinary”

Comment – A squad above normality which contorts the balance

Milan in bits

Balotelli issue and they complain about the referee

Strong Apache

A levied Juve against Genoa – Tevez the leader

The Argentine and Vidal score

Conte: “Just like the good times”

Comment – Model Carlitos

Milan jolted

Super Mario booked and replaced at the start of the second half

The team comes back against Parma, then fall in injury time: A Rossoneri collapse

Record Roma, down to 10 men but they sing the ninth

Toro worse than the referee and Napoli celebrate

Florence, Cuadrado joy

Viola comeback against Chievo – the Colombian’s brace puts Sannino in trouble