Thursday 31 October 2013

A beautiful Napoli with a push

Excellent Juve without brakes

Callejon and Mertens unforgiving, but Fiorentina are missing a clear penalty and there is the mockery of a red to Cuadrado (2-1)

Della Valle: “A referee with no courage”

Bianconeri avalanche against Catania (4-0)

Tevez and Pirlo relentless

Comment – A message to Garcia

A small Milan, there is only Kaka

A super goal from the Brazilian tricks the Rossoneri who start well, then they slow (1-1) and are jeered

Verona get back to fourth place

Udinese rise, Bologna strike

Real score seven at Sevilla

Celebration for Bale too: Two goals

Napoli, what a strike!

Callejon-Mertens: Victory in Florence and top spot at minus two

Viola protests in the 91st minute for a denied penalty

Juve avalanche, Catania overwhelmed

Vidal opens, Bonucci closes: The Bianconeri fly

Milan, draw with Lazio amidst jeers – Kaka scores

Verona fourth, Cagliari fall

Roma against Chievo today

Comment – Benitez and Conte with force, Garcia is warned

Brazil anger against Costa: “He doesn’t deserve the national side”

The Maracana splits the Rio Olympics

Juve with a full belly again

Catania overwhelmed (4-0) with the usual Tevez

Not a great game from the Bianconeri, but they find the cynicism of the past to smash the Sicilians

Vidal, Pirlo and Bonucci – as well as the Apache – score

Napoli, what a big help!

Rossi between Callejon and Mertens, but at the end the referee denies Fiorentina a clear penalty on Cuadrado (sent-off)

Comment – It’s all easy, but Real…

Mad draw at Livorno – take Toro to the psychologist

Kaka illuminates, Balotelli false note, whistles for Milan

Verona celebrate, Genoa too

Today it is Roma