Sunday 3 November 2013

La Viola break Milan and Allegri

Rossoneri absent in attack, Fiorentina control and score in each half for 2-0

Balotelli booked again (he’ll be suspended)

San Siro explodes into a protest against the club and Coach

Galliani and Barbara Berlusconi in long locker-room talk, team goes into an early retreat

For now they continue like this, but the Coach is in the balance

Juve and Napoli sound the comeback bugle

Bianconeri win at Parma thanks to a Pogba goal

Azzurri beat Catania 2-1 (Callejon-Hamsik) and are -2 from the top

Garcia: ‘I’ll be at Roma for a long time’

He targets the European record of 11 opening wins

Mazzarri: ‘Who takes Inter penalties? When they give us one I’ll tell you...’

Goalkeeper clears from 95m and scores past poor Boruc

Milan sink

Fiorentina soar, Allegri on the way out

Vargas and Borja Valero mark the Viola triumph

Galliani runs off before the end, rumours about Seedorf and Inzaghi

Team in a training retreat from today

Napoli and Juve, forward

Awaiting Roma, Benitez breaks Catania with Callejon and Hamsik

Conte suffers at Parma: Pogba decides after a Quagliarella stunner

What a celebration for Inter: Zanetti is back

In the Premier League there’s a goalkeeper who scores

Begovic of Stoke City’s clearance stuns Southampton’s Boruc

Pogba’s Scudetto message

Winning shot from the Frenchman after an extraordinary Quagliarella invention

Juve beat Parma 1-0 and send an important signal to leaders Roma

Third consecutive victory and clean sheet

Fiorentina revenge, Milan all at sea, the end for Allegri?

Callejon plus Hamsik, Napoli entertain but Catania are alive

Ventura: ‘Yes, Roma are invincible, which is why Toro will play to win’

Zanetti is back for Inter in Udine