Monday 11 November 2013

What a three-mendous Juve!

Napoli smashed

Now they are one point away from Roma

The Bianconeri re-open the Scudetto with a great display (3-0)

Llorente scores again, but who was offside, along with Pirlo and the phenomenal Pogba

Racist chants, the Curva risks a two-game closure

The Neapolitans throw objects – four injured

Ultra threats, an embarrassing derby

Banned Nocera fans intimidation: “We’ll kill you if you play”

Salernitana-Nocerina suspended: The away side fake injuries and remain with six players

Milan crisis

Only a draw with Chievo

But Galliani assures: “Ahead with Allegri”

Brace from Pepito Rossi

Fiorentina on full throttle

Inter, the best attack – 29 goals in 12 matches

Genoa spectacle, Verona KO

Cagliari and Atalanta with grit

Juve yes, chants no

Napoli beaten 3-0, but the racist fans ruin the party

First goal was offside

Roma stop: Bianconeri at -1

Ultra embarrassment

Lega Pro, a derby farce in Salerno

Nocerina give way to pressure and purposely remain with only six players – they risk relegation

Comment – A black chapter for not only our football, but our country

Allegri hanging by a thread

Rossi sacks Rossi

What a Conti! Cagliari re-launch

Van Persie knocks down Arsenal

City collapse


Llorente, Pirlo and Pogba: Juve demolish Napoli

Berardi, what a gift for his Juve

Roma halted again, this time at home versus Sassuolo who equalised in the 94th minute with a goal from the future Bianconero

Comment – The double feat

Milan, only a draw

Now Allegri is hanging by a thread

Toro, ugly KO but Padelli is not the only one to blame

Nocerina give in to the blackmail of their Ultras – match suspended