Friday 15 November 2013

President ET

Erick Thohir will be the head of Planet Inter, Moratti honorary

The new Indonesian owner landed in Milan yesterday and met with the oilman, Mazzarri and the squad at the Pinetina

“We need to get to know each other face-to-face. It was a good meeting. I like the complex”

The family on the board of directors with Angelomario

Italy, there is Germany

It is up to the muscles of Balo

Buffon: “This is basically the derby of Europe”

World Cup: CR7-Ibra Play-off and Ribery risks

Solidarity wins on the field of Gioiosa

FIGC, Lega of A, B, amateurs and TIM take part

And the region of Calabria offers a solution

Juve: Nainggolan, Fernando and Menez all the way to Biabiany

Lazio, Djordjevic from Nantes for the post Klose

Viviani opens in Pirlo style and the Under-21s fly

Galliani, a future in politics

Pact with Berlusconi: The Rossonero CEO in Forza Italia waiting for a role in the Senate or in Europe

Icardi tweets: “Wanda, I love you”

He scores with Maxi Lopez’s ex

Here is Thohir!

“My Inter will entertain”

The new owner arrives and immediately goes to La Pinetina for Mazzarri and Zanetti

He should be the President

Moratti will receive the honorary title

Comment – Welcome dear Erick, this is how you will win us Interisti

It is Italy-Germany

Balotelli, it is up to you

Great friendly at San Siro (20.45)

Anticipation for Mario who folded the Germans at the European Championship

Under OK with Ireland: 3-0

Ronaldo and Ibra, one to go out

Nocera incident: “You have to tell them that they threatened to kill you”

Icardi: “I love Maxi Lopez’s wife”

Ambrosini exclusive: “Juve, you will pay the price for the Champions League”

“Balotelli is not bad, I want to give Florence the Europa League”

Conte a teacher for the day

“Teach what Juve is”

That is the message for the youth Coaches

“First you must build men, then champions”

Meanwhile, Tevez-mania has exploded and his shirt sales are reaching the record levels of Del Piero

Juve-Udinese: Yes to kids in the Curvas

The Tuttosport proposal becomes reality, even Pancalli agrees with our initiative

Comment – The Bianconeri accounts

Italy, anti-spread night

High prestige friendly in Milan against Germany who have not beaten us since 1995

Goosebumps in the first leg of the World Cup Play-offs: Ronaldo against Ibra in Lisbon, Pogba and France in Kiev against Ukraine

Here is Thohir

“A decision on Moratti today”

Toro rediscover Farnerud: “I’m ready”

Exasperated fans: “Never seen a Milan like this”