Tuesday 19 November 2013

An Italy that produces is OK

Two positive responses for Prandelli – the Balo-Rossi (immediately on the scoresheet) partnership and the midfield

This time not only possession, but lots of dangerous opportunities

Giaccherini equalises, the defence needs to be looked at again

Euro 2015: The Under-21s look for a feat in Serbia

Ibra-Ronaldo: One out

And what goosebumps for Ribery

Sweden must come back from the 1-0 suffered in Portugal, France the 2-0 in Ukraine

There is reason to tremble

Beckham and Co, all of the secrets of football’s tattoos

The Alfano recipe: “New stadiums which are more accessible”

Conte, an award in Dubai

But he gets anxious about Juve

Thohir: “I’ll invest in January”

The owner: “I’m focusing on talents and I want to sign them immediately”

Mazzarri: “Ready to extend”

Yes, here is the World Cup partnership

Balotelli sets up Rossi goal: A show

But Nigeria stop Italy (2-2)

Giaccherini scores, then two posts

The Italy Under-21s in Serbia to take the European Championship

France, Ibra, Ronaldo – it is the night of truth

World Cup play-offs: Ribery in the balance, Sweden-Portugal duel

Milan revolution in defence

Only Mexes is sure to stay

Zaccardo, Zapata and Vergara to go

Napoli-Matuidi already in talks – and Sagna pops up

Meeting with Thohir for the Inter of the future, there is a new CEO

He played in the national team with Boateng – he chose Jihad and was killed

Juary still dancing with Avellino

“We will return to Serie A, we deserve it”

Milan will pay off Galliani at Christmas

Talks over a golden handshake for the CEO which needs to be approved in the budget that ends December 31

Prade in pole position to be the new Sporting Director

Confirmation of Maldini at the club

Italy 2-2 Nigeria

Infallible Pepito, touch of class from Pirlo

Tonight the return legs of the World Cup play-offs

France and Sweden, a feat is needed against Ukraine and Portugal

Mancini exclusive: “Conte, I’ll give you an inferno”

Toro, Cairo promises: “Cerci to leave in January? No, I’ll keep him”

New Inter

Mazzarri: “I’m ready to renew my contract”

Comment – A new leader for Thohir

TV rights – Agnelli-Lotito at year zero