Saturday 23 November 2013

Mission Panettone

From here to Christmas, the long race to the half-Scudetto

A month of tests to have the first ‘real’ answers

Roma and Juve have a more favourable fixture list than Napoli

Conte and Benitez risk paying for the Champions League commitments

Derby di Verona returns after 12 years

Prandelli sounds the alarm: ‘We need reforms or we won’t grow’

Allegri: ‘We need a turning point. Of course I won’t stay here for eternity’

Napoli’s evening tests against Parma and Dortmund

Mazzarri hopes to have Campagnaro from the start

Luci’s dramatic revelation: ‘My son has a rare disease’

Allegri attacks Seedorf and Inzaghi

Ahead of Milan-Genoa: ‘There are many young lads who want to follow me, but not all medical students end up being surgeons...’

The day of the derby, as even Chievo cheer on Verona

Roma turning point: Chinese investors arrive, Pallotta is furious

Conte novelty: with so many absentees, Vidal goes in defence

Benitez: ‘Napoli, you cannot drop more points’

‘Now we need to be more consistent. Don’t worry, Higuain is not tired’

Police swoop at Nocerina and make 15 arrests among ultras

Conte: ‘May God keep Pirlo safe’

‘Messi or Ronaldo? I choose Andrea’

Pogba set for Juventus renewal, Vidal could go in defence

Blatter also gives the all-clear for a Curva full of children

Allegri and Balotelli paths cross against Genoa

Benitez: ‘We’re only focused on Parma’

Verona Mayor: ‘I am the Mayor of everyone, but my heart beats for Hellas’

The other D’Ambrosio speaks: ‘Toro, this is how you can make Danilo sign’