Wednesday 4 December 2013

Juve and Inter duel for Lucas

PSG have closed the door for Lavezzi, so the Brazilian is now a target for Agnelli and Thohir.

Vidal a Bianconeri up to 2017

Allegri, rebirth in the ten down to Kaka and Balo

Garcia: Totti is not only a leader but an undisputed champion

The challenge of Higuain

Gonzalo is the driving force of Naples' assault for the Scudetto with his goals

The moves by Juve

Vidal confirms until 2017 and will go for Lucas in January

Process of the referees

Lotito's fury at Petkovic and Lazio

New Milan for Barbara with Sogliano

World Cup for Italy at last

Pogba triumphs

"I will give Juve my all"

Toro - Lodi negotiations have started

Milan - Barbara contacts Sogliano

Inter in the Coppa, but already thinking about Lavezzi

Juve-Vidal until 2017