Wednesday 11 December 2013

“Play like Milan”

Berlusconi and his daughter Barbara fire up the squad for Ajax

The Pharaoh back in the 4-3-2-1 Rossonero starting line-up – fielded with Kaka behind Balotelli

Comment – The night of Max and Rafa, here is what they need to do

On the field of play with force 12 Napoli to try and overcome Arsenal

Juve in the snowstorm

It will start 0-0 against Galatasaray from the 31st minute

The referee stopped the game – dangerous pitch

But more snow is expected today

Icardi returns: After Wanda, he has to win Inter

Garcia awakes Roma: “Three Scudetti are not enough”

Barbara yes, Galliani no

Milan play for everything against Ajax tonight – a draw is enough

Berlusconi visits the Rossoneri with his daughter and without the CEO

“I’ll help the boys”

Juventus postponement, they play today at 14.00 but there is the risk of snow

Napoli charged up for Arsenal, they need a legendary 3-0

Comment – Italians in the Champions League, the day of truth

Garcia: Roma, wake up at 7 if you lose

Rossetti has had enough, goodbye Russia

“Let’s save the kids, create B teams”

Spine chilling

Galatasaray-Juventus will be played again today

Game suspended after an incredible storm

Referee says stop after 30 unreal minutes

Kick-off time causes a battle

Ajax assault, Berlusconi and Barbara: “Feel like Milan again”

Rafa: “Three goals against Arsenal? This Napoli can”

Toro, there is the Ilicic option for January

Ventura could re-launch him