Thursday 2 January 2014

Angelo Mario Moratti: “Fly high Inter”

Exclusive interview with the Nerazzurro Vice-President

After granddad Angelo and father Massimo, now it is his turn

“The strategy is clear with Thohir – renewal after the past. We are not talking about year zero, the Champions League is possible. A long cycle with Mazzarri”

Juve and Roma check-up

Tevez yes, six forwards for Garcia

Napoli, already a Scudetto – their accounts shine

Parma ‘re-sign’ Cassano

Samp objective turns to Amauri

Conte-Garcia blow by blow

The Bianconero re-finds Tevez and re-launches Pirlo to close the game

The Giallorosso eyes Gervinho and Strootman to stop Juve

Napoli, €30m to dream of the Scudetto

Cassano will today pledge allegiance to Parma

Milan revolution all ready: Everything changes

Marchegiani: “A nightmare to use your feet”

City fly, United KO, Mou strike

Vidal takes it all

2013 Oscars: The Chilean ace triumphs – he is the Juve leader


The Inter plan without Lamela

Gilk, faith and honour

“Europe? I have believed in this Toro for three years”

Milan, Nainggolan is the party firework

Balotelli, what chaos