Sunday 5 January 2014

Tonight it’s Juve-Roma: For whom the Scudetto tolls

First against second, Pirlo against Totti, it’s a decisive game

Napoli watch with interest, as they can dive back into the race

Milan ride Honda

‘I am here to score and provide assists’

Zac: ‘He has character’

Lazio-Inter: Palacio finds Reja, Petkovic fired

Montella hopes: ‘I dream of another Rossi-style signing’

Do you want Messi? He’s worth €400m

Juve-Roma: The Scudetto in the balance

The whole truth

Garcia: ‘On the pitch to win’

Conte to end the race and go eight points clear

Totti and Pirlo, Pogba and De Rossi, so many stars

Montella shakes up the Viola: ‘Watch out Fiorentina, it’s a derby with Livorno’

Cagliari face Chievo to end their taboo, having never won in Verona

Just cause: Lazio have fired Petkovic

Inter agree D’Ambrosio deal

Honda joy: ‘I am crazy about Milan, it’s a dream’

Juve-Roma: The whole world watches the Stadium

The Scudetto is here

Over 200 countries will tune in to watch Juve attempt a breakaway and Roma try to close the gap

Conte: ‘Do we get help? It’s laughable’

Garcia: ‘We must win at all costs’

Sacchi: ‘The confrontation between the two best teams. Pogba would be wrong to leave the Bianconeri’

Milan, it’s already Honda-mania. Will his games be moved for best TV schedules?

Fiorentina face Livorno anxiety

Montella: ‘I don’t trust them’

Urbano Cairo’s sister: ‘Accounting, football, girls and the family love of Toro’

D’Ambrosio to Inter for €2m and a contract worth €4.2m for the player