Friday 24 January 2014

Milan and Inter: How did they fall so low?
To remember the Milanese in a similar situation, you have to return to 1994/95
Fiorentina works: Illicic and Compper goals, Siena surrender, semi-final against Udinese
Conte Press silence, Vucinic is back and training
Inter: Thorhir responds to Marotta, “No one can criticise us... We are fair, the negotiations should remain private”
Milan: Nocerino to West Ham, there’s agreement with Essien
Investigation: Neymar money, Rosell leaves after accusations of having spent 95m on the Brazilian

Thorhir fury, Guarin set for Mancini
Thorhir to Juve: "Inter is a model of integrity, I won’t allow criticism from outside”
Milan, Essien arrives, agreement with the Chelsea player, can play in Champions League
Napoli: Andujar signed for July
Coppa Italia: Fiorentina in the semi-finals, Siena ko 2-1
Barcelona, the Neymar case, the president leaves

Jet-lag: The reply from Thorhir to Juve, out of time
24 hours from Marotta’s attack, from Jakarta comes the reply
Thorhir: “Inter has always been defined by it’s integrity and fairness. To make comments publicly before transfers have been concluded, damage their progress"
Marotta for Biabiany, has to beat Lippi
Vesovic already a Torino player
Essien last throw of the dice for Milan, Gallian meetings with Chelsea
Cellino-Leeds, delay arrives, now Cagliari set to go to the Arabics
Coppa Italia: Compper, shout for the semi-final, Fiorentina join the celebrations