Saturday 25 January 2014

Milan replies

Rossoneri take Essien

Inter reconsider Vucinic

Chelsea’s Ghanaian midfielder arrived last night: ‘Seedorf called me and I rushed here’

Mazzarri’s side will request the striker on loan, if Thohir and Agnelli make peace

Barbara face to face with Seedorf

Tardelli: ‘Juve, you must win the Europa League’

Tonight Bianconeri at the Olimpico against Lazio for a 13th consecutive victory

Roma visit Verona, PSG push for Pjanic

Benitez: ‘Napoli, no kidding around’

Jorginho makes his debut against Chievo

Moneybags Capello, signs on to Russia until 2018 for €9m a year

Lazio bite Conte

Reja uses grit and physicality to stop Juve

From Tevez to Pogba, the first choice players return to the line-up

Buffon with Ilaria, the latest gossip going wild online

Benitez: Jorginho straight away

Essien: ‘I chose Seedorf’

Serie B resumes and Trapani take off

Padova beaten 2-1, today Palermo-Modena and Bari-Reggina

Juve-Conte, no kidding

Coach courted in France and England, the club has 100 days to agree a renewal

Pogba locked down and tonight he returns to face Lazio

Benitez fires up Napoli: ‘The objective is to catch Roma’

Jorginho and Hamsik to start against Chievo

Colantuono: ‘Toro are a small club that can aim big’

Milan-Essien: Yes!

Barbara: ‘You can tell there’s a different air here now’

PSG want Pjanic, but Roma say no

Lippi brings Biabiany to China