Sunday 2 February 2014

Immobile goes, Seedorf hits the brakes

Toro scare San Siro with a great goal from the striker, his 11th of the season

Milan go on the attack and make up for it with Rami, but no shots on goal after that

Seedorf’s team is still a work in progress, but Ventura’s side keeps climbing

Juve-Inter, the moment of truth: They’ve never been so distant

Bianconeri are 23 points in front, a record with three points for a win

Banks are closed, so Hernanes has to wait for his Nerazzurri debut

Garcia’s orders: ‘Roma, win them all’

Benitez: ‘I had hoped for a different transfer strategy’

Fiorentina turn out the lights

Cagliari win and Cellino celebrates from Leeds

Udinese reborn in Bologna

Reja’s bitterness: ‘10 players turned Lazio down’

Spain mourn Aragones

Barcelona beaten at home

Juve-Inter: Play!

After the bitterness of the transfer market, they meet in Serie A

Finally the Derby d’Italia is on the pitch, but Vucinic-Guarin tension remains

Osvaldo and Hernanes unavailable

Thohir: ‘Thank you Lotito, now we are stronger’

Rami missile saves Milan

Great goal, but Seedorf only gets 1-1 with Toro

Fiorentina beaten in Cagliari, Pinilla is decisive

Bologna collapse and Honorary President Morandi insulted

Roma and Napoli on the attack against Parma and Atalanta

Reja: ‘Nobody wants to come to Lazio’

Barça fall and Madrid dream

Devilish Toro!

Great show of maturity at San Siro against Milan and the Granata are now fifth

Immobile scored, Farnerud wasted the chance to double and Rami made it 1-1

Juve-Inter for the Scudetto, bitterness and transfer battles

The moment of truth

Divided by 23 points in the table, but above all by unparalleled rivalry between directors, Coaches and fans

New buys Osvaldo and Hernanes are unavailable

Llorente: ‘It’s my first Derby d’Italia, I’ll play it as if it were my last’

Roma-Parma and Garcia renews the charge on Juve

Trapani, what a win! Siena and Brescia up, Modena and Carpi joy

Super Udinese, Montella crumbles