Wednesday 12 February 2014

Higuain like Diego: "Before the World Cup, the Scudetto"

I have dreamed of doing what Maradona did, winning both

But first we want to beat Roma and get to the cup final

Fiorentina into the final

Diego Della Vale: "We deserved the result"

Listen to Thohir: "Hernanes is okay. Icardi will make an appearance"

Conte to make a change for Chievo with Marchisio

How many can Prandelli handle?

With 4 four months until the World Cup, the Coach is facing too many difficulties

Defence and midfielders has lost pieces, and there is also the problem of the third goalkeeper

There's also the Balotelli/Osvaldo potential disaster if Rossi's unfit

Party in Florence as they reach the final


Osvaldo and Balotelli don't need to be overdriven

Immobile can hope

I see Conte as a possible Coach of the national team

Conte screams: Juve play to win!

Morratti attacks: "Dear Thohir, you have to be more present"