Sunday 2 March 2014

Inter scare Roma

Punches thrown, penalties not given: more refereeing errors

It ends 0-0, a good performance from the Nerazzurri who stop the Giallorossi chase

Probable video evidence for De Rossi and Juan Jesus bans

Milan-Juve without Balotelli, Seedorf looks to the M factor

Moroccans Rami and Taarabt the new keys to challenge Bianconeri power

Pazzini replaces Mario, Chiellini starts from the bench

Napoli on the attack

Fiorentina: 25,000 signs to protest referees

Serie A on the field with anti-homophobia rainbow laces

FIFA: Yes to hijab and turban on the field, but no to video replays

Palermo win and go four points clear

Padova, FIGC inquest after players remove jerseys?

Punches and penalties not given: Roma 0-0 Inter

More refereeing disasters

Extraordinary errors at the Olimpico, but this time against both teams

De Rossi and Juan Jesus face video evidence?

Mazzarri: ‘Yes to technology’

Tonight there’s Milan-Juve

Seedorf wants video replays in a game situation

In Florence the day of protest against the system

Chelsea soar, Atletico-Real derby show

Palermo break away, refereeing chaos in Serie B too

Crazy desire

It’s Milan-Juve and Conte has many scores to settle

As a Coach he has never won a Serie A game away to Milan

Tonight Conte looks to Tevez-Llorente to take revenge for his defeat as a player against Seedorf in the Champions League

Seedorf: ‘Antonio is very good, but mustn’t complain about a packed European fixture list’

Balotelli out, Asamoah in

Inter do not waver, Roma hit the brakes!

Great Nerazzurri performance at the Olimpico as it ends 0-0

Bergonzi doesn’t see a penalty each, video evidence against De Rossi and Juan Jesus?

Cerci-Immobile: Samp for a European turning point and to convince the Italy Coach

Palermo break away, Trapani rage and Lanciano climb again

Last man fouls and video replays in a game situation: no change from FIFA