Sunday 9 March 2014

Udinese and Di Natale celebrate

Milan, you’re not Atletico

Rossoneri beaten ahead of the decisive Champions League game in Madrid

Seedorf chose to rotate the squad and insists he’s optimistic, but a win would’ve increased confidence

Now even the Europa League places are further away

Villa bags two, Rossi sinks Barca

Juve-Fiorentina tension, one challenge and so many rivalries

Tevez seeks a 14th consecutive home win, the Viola focus on Gomez

So much behind it, including the Elkann-Della Valle controversy

Napoli-Roma: Higuain-Destro, the goal duel for second place

Mazzarri warns: ‘Everyone is being evaluated’

Parma-Verona for Europe, Cassano and Toni’s turn

Catania, what a risk against Cagliari

Bologna-Sassuolo derby of fear

Serie B: Bari’s Nadarevic sent off for biting an opponent

And now for clean refereeing

Juve-Fiorentina and Napoli-Roma

Gomez takes on super Tevez

Pjanic challenges Higuain and Hamsik

We hope they decide and not the referees

Balotelli comes on and Milan collapse

Cagliari put Catania in trouble

Fausto Rossi: ‘This is how I beat Messi’

Barcelona beaten, so Real invite him into the stands

Pescara and Bari show, Reggina treble in Carpi

Conte revenge!

Here is Juve-Fiorentina, the first chapter in a triple fight that will continue over the next two Thursdays in the Europa League

Bianconeri Coach wants to wipe out the incredible 2-4 from earlier this season, their only defeat

Raiola blesses Pogba’s stay in Turin: ‘It’s the perfect marriage’

Milan, you’re not very Atletico

Beaten in Udine with Di Natale goal after Balotelli comes on. Bad signs for the Champions League

Mazzarri warns Inter

Torino focus on Immobile, the anti-Milanese hitman

Napoli-Roma, what a night

Benitez: ‘Let’s fight back!’

Garcia: ‘Pressure all on you’

Mr Rossi humiliates Messi