Thursday 27 March 2014

I dance with Seedorf - two free-kicks from Mario (the first with some help from Mexes), save the Coach’s job
Roma: New stadium that resembles the Colosseum
Inter against Udinese - with Palacio and Icardi against the San Siro illness
Chievo put Bologna back down
Fantasy Tevez - Double from the Argentine, but he picks up suspension
Record Juve - 15 victories in 15 at home, Parma angry, claiming a penalty

Another set of errors from referees, and more controversy, a penalty not given to Parma against Juve, and the Emiliani down to 10 after Amauri sent off. Genoa-Lazio, Peruzzo under examination
Zapata like Higuain, extreme Napoli at Catania
Milan, super Balotelli, scores and saves Seedorf
Roma present the stadium of their dreams

World class Tevez and Juve
Balotelli is back, Seedorf saved
Referees, Ventura tears Garcia to pieces
Immobile: “Torino, I’m happy here, why would I leave?”
Napoli festival: Catania thrashed
Sampdoria unleashed, and it’s party time for Genoa and Gilardino too