Thursday 3 April 2014

Totti goal, Juve watch for Roma - Eight points behind the leaders, Garcia’s side believe
Barbara’s Milan to rise again in the East - “Ready to sell 30%, the Stadium is vital”
Lavezzi and Pastore sink Mourinho, Ibra out
Elkann stings Inter: “I hope they lose again”
Guarin, Icardi and Cambiasso, exam the same for all

Roma win again, now at eight points behind
Elkann attacks Inter: “Losing often, I hope it continues”
Barbara in the Emirates to find Milan investment
Lavezz-Pastore stretch Mourinho

Tonight Lyon-Juve, and Conte is full of pride - “We are Italy”
Cavani for Pogba - feasible as long as...
Roma believe, Parma crushed
Lo Monaco: “Immobile, best that you stay at Torino, Cerci however...”
Barbara in the Emirates to sell part of Milan
Mihajlovic nears Inter