Sunday 6 April 2014

Inter throws it away

It’s 2-2 with Bologna as well and Milito misses a penalty

All pointless, including Icardi’s brace and the long-awaited spot-kick

Thohir doesn’t go to the locker room afterwards

Mazzarri seen to mouth: ‘Are they doing it on purpose?’

Roma, mission -5

Garcia: ‘We must believe’

Totti not at his best, so on the bench in Cagliari

Leeds belong to Cellino, as his appeal has been successful

Pirlo assist to Verratti: ‘Yes, we can play together’

Di Carlo ready for the challenge: ‘We need the perfect game’

America is tempting, but with the EuroLeague perhaps Kaka will stay

Benitez wants a record Napoli

Atalanta fever, with Sassuolo for a seventh straight win

Toni in Verona history: 16 goals and the derby

Cesena ok to go third, Brescia put three past Pescara

Mazzarri, what a blow!

Inter ahead twice with Icardi masterpieces, but Bologna grab a 2-2

Milito penalty saved, San Siro jeers the Nerazzurri

Now the Coach is in the balance

Roma want to go -5

Benitez, sideswipe at Juve

A tribunal agrees with Cellino, so Leeds is his

Liga: Real, Atletico and Barcelona all win for the final sprint

Ibra is out, so Cavani takes over and PSG go +16

Pescara crumble, Reggina plummet

Pirlo calls Verratti

The midfielder blesses his heir: ‘We can play together’

Chiellini fires the team up ahead of Livorno: ‘The Scudetto is there, so let’s take it’

Garcia: ‘Roma, knock down the Cagliari taboo’

Icardi is not enough, but Toni is

Inter again fail to win, as Bologna catch the Argentine twice and Milito misses a penalty

Verona hitman decides the derby with Chievo

Toro, it’s Jansson! Immobile returns to beat Tevez

Milan dilemma: Is the Europa League worth the bother?