Thursday 24 April 2014

Milan: Offer for 500m - From Singapore, Lim launches a bid while China’s second richest man, Zong Quinghou, is also interested
Juve target Tevez goals against Benfica
Garcia: “I’ll stay at Roma, but I want new signings”

Real leave a mark - Ancelotti beats Guardiola, Benzema key
Juve, get the claws out - Europa League without Vidal
Inter up Morata chase, talks today with Perez
Garcia: “I’ll stay if we strengthen”

Benfica-Juve, Buffon: “A game between champions”
Conte: “This route takes us to the bigger trophies”
Bayern - Too much tiki-taka, Benzema nets
If Inter sell Icardi, Mazzarri wants Destro
Club, bench, team, Milan at an impasse