Wednesday 7 May 2014

This is how they were treated - The secrets behind the meeting between Hamsik and Genny ‘a Carogna. Hamsik: “I've showed my face, no one died” - “Well then play the game”
Conte revolution, or I leave - Ultimatum by the Coach, wants reinforcements to not exit, the first could be Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona, and Evra on a free
Rossi, a goal worthy of the World Cup
After 19 years, the epic Zanetti retires
Galliani at a crossroads, Inzaghi straightaway, or Mister X

Genny, 5 year ban from the stadium, Ciro in a bad way, Napoli with him
Spalletti-Mancini, Juventus near? Soon meetings with Agnelli and Conte, favourite foreign options are Klopp and Simeone
Inter, Mazzarri stumbles, Milan Superpippo nears
Sassuolo conquer Florence

Juve-Conte - The truth arrives on Friday
Moratta starts chase for Morata
Vialli: “It needs a 4-3-3“
Berardi turns Fiorentina purple
Thohir ambition, attempt with Real Madrid for Benzema
Torino, ready for the chaos of Europa League chase
Darmian: “I want to stay”