Saturday 9 August 2014

Conte or Mancini, what Italy will it be?

Next week, after the election of the FIGC President, the new Coach will be chosen

The ex-Juve boss would begin again from a 3-5-2 without Balotelli

The ex-Inter tactician instead focused on Rossi as trequartista

The No Tav block doesn’t hold: Tavecchio is still stronger

Del Piero’s idea, with Juve again...

Ale could probably play a few minutes in the Bianconeri jersey in Sydney

Moratti tempted to leave

After three months away from Inter, he could resign as Honorary President

Thohir and Mazzarri will try to keep him

Higuain is Napoli’s good luck charm in Bilbao

The Argentine always scores against Athletic

In the Europa League Inter in Iceland, Toro at Split

Milan: If Lopez won’t accept terms, they’re going for Perin

Galliani negotiates to reduce the Real Madrid man’s wage demands

Inzaghi tells the fans: ‘Fill the stadium’

Cuadrado remains, perhaps

Andrea Della Valle wants to keep him, but if the big offer comes...

Maicon is sneaky: Brazilian delays return to Italy

Ibra does it all, he scores and misses as PSG start with 2-2 draw

Maicon, Cuadrado, what chaos

Brazilian won’t return to Rome, as he wants a longer contract with better wages

Della Valle: ‘I’ll try to keep Juan in Florence, but I know it’ll be difficult’

Napoli, Champions League uphill struggle

They picked Athletic Bilbao, games on Aug 19 and 27

Inter and Toro, all ok

FIGC: Now we’re down to insults and the election could bring a surprise

We reveal how they’ll vote, as administration is possible

Ciro’s mother: ‘Anti-violence measures are right, but too late’

Juve on Muriel, tomorrow Del Piero takes them on

Impressive Lazio beat Hamburg 2-0

Milan push for Diego Lopez plus Taarabt

France, PSG start badly as Ibra double but it’s only 2-2

Bale’s muscles grow, suspicions and jokes on the web


Juve in Australia prepare for the Champions League

Allegri looks to Tevez and Evra, who have already won the trophy at Manchester

Albertini: ‘I’ll step back if Tavecchio does’

Toro, everyone in Split

Granata in Croatia to seek entrance into the Europa League

Inter in Iceland, Champions League bad luck Napoli against Athletic Bilbao

Milan: Armero and today decision for Diego Lopez

Agazzi reflects, Sassuolo think of Sorrentino

Roma, push for Icardi and there’s a Maicon problem

Fiorentina give up and release Cuadrado

Genoa, contract ready for Edenilson

Ibra, two goals not enough for PSG, only 2-2