Friday 15 July 2011

Pato: “Barbara, I’ll gift you the Champions”

Agnelli: We’ll see you in court

Luis Enrique: “A Barca-style Roma”

Juve press for Rossi, just €5m apart

Aquilani in Viola, Liverpool deal on the way

Touches, shots and goals - Alvarez already impressing

Klose presents himself with five goals. Lazio convinced

Juve condemn everyone

“Roma is a dream”

Klose show as he scores five for Lazio

Pato, two goals for Barbara. Brazil re-launch

De Laurentiis: “Hamsik worth €100m!”

Agnelli: “In court!”

Rossi to Juve: We are there

Milan-Pastore: Contact

Guberti to Toro is done

De Laurentiis warns Hamsik