Friday 14 October 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo

I’m Number 1

‘I’ll tell you everything on Higuain, Totti, Joao Mario and…’

Challenging Pipita: ‘He scores a lot, but we’ll see at the end of the season. His Juventus are strong, hopefully only in Serie A’

Assist to Francesco: ‘Totti remains a great player and proves to youngsters that age doesn’t matter. He can play another 2-3 years’

Cuddling an Inter midfielder: ‘Joao Mario is an added bonus, you’ll see what he can bring. He told me he’s adapting well and learning the language’

Maroni to Sala: ‘First to believe in 2028 Olympics. OK San Siro for two’

Governor launches Lombardy and Milan

On the stadium: ‘Better if private, but I like the Mayor’s idea’

Inter respond

Suning revolution: ‘It’ll be the stadium of your dreams’

Christillin debut: ‘I will fight for a fair and transparent FIFA’

Allegri says it all

‘The transfer market is too long, it should be closed on July 15 with another session in November’

‘Juve want the Scudetto, Super Cup and Coppa Italia. Champions League is tough now’

‘Seedorf is the most intelligent player I’ve had, apart from the current crop. A genius? I say Iniesta’

Conte shock

A remarkable intrigue in England

Bookmakers suddenly suspend bets on the ex-Azzurri Coach getting the sack

A Chelsea note denies the possibility of a dismissal, but the controversy remains

Between Sarri and Spalletti it’s an all-attack battle

Azzurri shoot with many men

Giallorossi have revitalised Dzeko

Never such a Chievo-Milan, the clash of two worlds

The minnows, the giants and the European dream

On Sunday the fight for third place


Smile, you’re playing

Dybala and Higuain to share one spot after their efforts in Argentina

Against Udinese it’s time for the grumbling Croat who has never pulled back for Juve

Messi too

Icardi, so many enemies, you’re like Mou

Milan’s Chinese boxes? Colossal groups in the conglomerate

Papu Gomez and Ventura, contact for the Azzurri

‘Miha is the right man. The future is with Toro’

De Biasi: ‘The Granata fans understood the Coach’s moral values, what a wonderful phrase on those who get up at dawn’