Tuesday June 4 2013
Italy impose new anti-racism rules

The FIGC has introduced new rules to combat racism, including an automatic 10-match ban and closing parts of the stadium.

A meeting today moved the Italian regulations into line with the tough new UEFA sanctions imposed recently.

Now any person who “insults the human dignity of a person or group of persons, including reasons tied to the colour of skin, race, religion or ethnic origin, will receive a ban of at least 10 games or any other sanction considered appropriate.”

This is doubling the 2012 minimum five-match ban, while supporters of a club engaging in racist behaviour will see a minimum punishment of partial closure of their stadium.

If there is a second instance, the club will be fined €50,000 and forced to play behind closed doors.

Any further offences are punished with more than one game behind closed doors, losing a match, a points deduction or even disqualification from a competition.

If the game is suspended by the referee due to racist and/or discriminatory behaviour, the win could be awarded to the other team.

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