Saturday April 15 2017
Bortoluzzi: 'Palermo were tense'

Palermo Coach Diego Bortoluzzi picked up a point on his debut, albeit against 10-man Bologna. “I expected that tension.”

This week the Sicilians sacked Diego Lopez to appoint their third tactician of the campaign.

“I can’t talk about the entire season. What I can say is that this game went the way I expected it to,” said Bortoluzzi in his Press conference.

“It was very tense to start with, the lads respected my instructions to be patient and not go charging out there trying to win it in the first 10 minutes. They stayed focused, compact and concentrated.

“Unfortunately, we tended to misplace passes and that was a sign of the tension that we were feeling. After Bologna went down to 10 men, our performance improved and we created some good chances, but unfortunately didn’t take them.

“I replaced Norbert Balogh because he was struggling, but above all after the red card we needed more pace. I know Simone Lo Faso and what he can bring.

“I had thought about introducing Andrea Rispoli during the game, but the development of events made me go in a different direction.”

Empoli won 2-1 away to Fiorentina this afternoon, so what does that mean for Palermo?

“If it was difficult with an eight-point gap, then naturally with 10 it’ll be even tougher.”

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