Monday June 19 2017
Fassone: Donnarumma too hasty

Milan CEO Marco Fassone believes Gianluigi Donnarumma listened to Mino Raiola “too hastily” but insists “our doors are open” for a reconciliation.

Many attribute Donnarumma’s decision not to sign a new contract with Milan as being the work of Raiola, but while Fassone hinted the goalkeeper was partly to blame, he made it clear the Rossoneri would happily keep the 18-year-old.

“I don’t think we did anything wrong, we were consistent,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

“We always laughed at the same things with Raiola. We made an important offer and showed our affection for [Donnarumma] on several occasions.

“Donnarumma? Every time I talked to him, I always sensed a lad in love with Milan and who wanted to stay here. Unfortunately, I think that he listened to his agent a little hastily.

“Gigio would’ve hoped for a different outcome, but who knows? There may be some surprises in the future.

“I heard from Raiola yesterday, he mentioned the topics of his Press conference to me.

“For now, Gigio has been left in peace with the national team. I think there are a few possibilities, but we’ll never say never. Our doors are open.

“The new season starts on July 3 and we don’t want to have players coming back late, possibly having too many things going on in their heads.

“Mirabelli’s working on this and this is true for Gigio and everyone else, whose contracts are expiring.

“Death threats? If Gigio has been threatened, like Raiola said, I’ll get to the bottom of it and tell Raiola and the player that we’ll do everything to stick by Gigio.

“Mirabelli? No-one’s ever accused him of having a threatening attitude, Raiola was the first.

“Massimiliano does everything for the good of Milan and I reject Raiola’s claim that there are two Milans.

“I don’t think the situation is a nightmare, these are things that can happen in football.

“It’s a big disappointment, and there’s some bitterness because he was the right person for our plans to rebuild of Milan.

“If this decision is confirmed, we’ll lose a great goalkeeper, but we’ve found a sense of unity with the fans, which I didn’t think would arise.

“This will be important for our future and for us to face next season in the best way possible.”

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