Sunday June 25 2017
Fiorentina sue designer Cavalli?

Fiorentina are reportedly taking legal action against fashion designer Roberto Cavalli after he insulted the Della Valle brothers.

News agency Ansa claim that the Viola have decided to sue Cavalli for defamation.

Cavalli, who hails from Florence, vented his irritation with the club directors on a series of Instagram posts.

He accused director of sport Pantaleo Corvino of “taking the fans for a ride, naturally with the help of the Della Valle brothers, who just want to get this weight off their shoulders!!!

“They bought Fiorentina with the hope of doing deals in real estate with help from those who did not keep their promises.

“Now it’s up to Corvino to monetise everything that’s left. I am nauseated, because I am aware of many other issues the DV are working on to monetise. They think they are the victims… they can’t understand how strong the love is for a team.

“People tell me to buy the club… I wish I could… the last few years of my profession have not been favourable! I had tried after the Cecchi Gori bankruptcy, but the Mayor didn’t give me time to put together a group of local businessmen to save the club.

“After three days, I learned through the media that the Della Valle family were entering into the Viola world! A family far away from any sport and far from any desire of sporting victory, who got taken in by dreams of constructions that never happened… for example, the new stadium!!!

“Every day, new stories of players leaving and our young champions every day become property of rival teams… I don’t know what the finale will be to this tragi-comedy, a shame!!!!!

“This morning I read the negotiations of Bernardeschi with the ‘dear’ Juve, Kalinic should go to Milan, Borja is quite rightly desired by many clubs and it’s difficult to replace a midfielder like him…

“Corvino is trying to throw sand in our eyes with semi-unknowns so we can’t judge his ‘superlative’ work… Enough… They are trying to sell every single player to the highest bidder, including the goalkeeper, as they want the money back that they’re convinced they invested… for us absurd and ungrateful fans!

“What happens next, it’s difficult to predict… Nobody can invest in a non-existent team. It’s probably his revenge towards those who insulted him with banners in the stadium! Maybe he wants to make the team humble again, just as it was when they bought it.”

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