Saturday August 19 2017
Marotta: 'Bonucci mutual decision'

Beppe Marotta explained Leonardo Bonucci’s “mutual decision” to join Milan and insisted Juventus don’t need any more players.

The Bianconeri begin their Serie A campaign against Cagliari, follow the action as it happens on the LIVEBLOG.

“Football has changed. This is my 40th season, so I’ve seen it all, but players have changed in their profile. These fairly frequent transfers are part of the game, we have to accept that is the culture now, with players who come and go,” director general Marotta told Mediaset Premium.

“Blaise Matuidi is now officially a Juventus player. Unfortunately, and I say unfortunately, the transfer window is still open and we have to live through the last 15 days.

“We have a squad that fulfils the requirements of the Coach, but at the same time must keep an eye out for any opportunities. Let’s not forget this is a side that achieved great success.

“I won’t get into details saying we’re missing this or that type of player, because today we have both a starting XI and a bench that are very competitive.

“We’ll see if there are players who can be signed and if we need them. We don’t have any requirements right now, but if there are young players who can suit us and less young players who suddenly decide to leave their current club, we’ll be watching.

“The fact remains we have players with the quality to go all the way in our targets.”

The most surprising transfer of the summer in Serie A saw Juve icon Bonucci leave for rivals Milan.

“The player is the one who decides his destiny now. When a player no longer wants to stay at a club, it’s very difficult to stop him. If we want to compare Andrea Pirlo’s departure from Milan, he left as a free agent, whereas we took €42m from Bonucci.

“Bonucci didn’t have a problem per se with anyone. Players decide where they want to go and his decision is to be respected, as it was agreed and worked out with us. He wasn’t kicked out, nor did he storm out, it was a mutual decision.

“I won’t go into the details with you, but it was a decision that was shared and suited all concerned.

“Many clubs in Europe from other federations are eager to end the transfer window the day before the season kicks off, so at the very least we ought to shorten the market.”