Friday December 22 2017
Benevento fans blast players

Benevento fans released a statement calling the players “unworthy little girls” and will go on strike in tomorrow’s match against Genoa.

‘Le Streghe’ are in their first ever Serie A campaign, but managed only one point in 17 rounds.

That was earned in spectacular fashion, as goalkeeper Alberto Brignoli nodded in a free kick in the dying seconds for a 2-2 draw with Milan.

Their dismal record has finally broken the ultras, who announced they will have only one banner in Saturday’s game against Genoa: ‘Only for the jersey.’

The statement from the Curva Sud group also lambasted the Benevento players as “unworthy little girls” in a squad “lacking real men.

“These little girls are often sent astray by their lives off the field and are coddled by those fans who are now ready to protest against them.

“We invite the supporters: don’t stop players in the street, don’t give them attention that they do not deserve and don’t ask for photographs that you’ll eventually regret.

“A player is a mercenary by nature, the child of vice that has nothing to do with passion or the jersey we support. Never cheer on individuals, it’s all about the jersey!

“We also urge the club to play the Primavera youth team, because seeing these little girls on the field is really frustrating and humiliating.

“We finally ask the players themselves to live a life on the straight and narrow off the field, because the jersey must be honoured as real professionals. You can lose, but lose with dignity.

“We are always here, beyond defeat, beyond humiliation and suffering, we are always here! We don’t care about the 90 minutes and the result, all we care about is Benevento and the jersey we have always loved.”

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