Monday April 16 2018
Mediapro’s TV tender suspended

Sky has succeeded in suspending Mediapro’s tender for Serie A’s 2018-21 television rights, with a verdict set for next month.

Mediapro had outbid Sky for the rights in question two months ago, but the latter quickly argued the Spanish firm was not in a legal position to make an offer, despite the new deal potentially transforming football in Italy.

“The announcement of Mediapro being assigned Serie A’s television rights raises so many perplexities, that it’s necessary to verify the legality [of its tender] before it can present any important offers,” said the London-based broadcaster in a statement.

“Sky emphasises that it wants to keep guaranteeing subscribers a quality product, with full journalistic and editorial autonomy in a non-discriminatory system and free competition among operators.

“Sky has invested in Italian football for several years, reaching millions of homes, families, enthusiasts, and given great satisfaction to all its subscribers and the clubs themselves in a competitive system, while always respecting Italian rules and laws.

“Because of our desire to keep contributing to the growth of Italian football, launching a great economic offer in the next few days, which can guarantee the future of clubs, besides our quality, creativity, editorial and journalistic autonomy, as well as industrial competition, acting without taking any shortcuts, always respecting the values ​​of a free market and all the laws, Sky has turned to the courts which, after immediately suspending Mediapro’s tender, will give its verdict on May 4.”

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