Saturday April 21 2018
Basile: 'Higuain soiled himself'

Former Argentina Coach Alfio Basile blamed Gonzalo Higuain for their 2014 World Cup Final defeat to Germany. “He soiled himself.”

The phrase is in his new autobiography, titled ‘Generacion Lio’ and the Juventus striker does not come out well from this book.

“Of all the players, the one that was most singled out by the people for blame was Gonzalo Higuain. They do not want him in their squad because when that World Cup is remembered, the chance he missed at the start is what cost us the title.

“The truth is that it’s difficult to explain what happened to him, because suddenly he was unmarked, had the ball at his feet and was 20 metres from goal with every option open to him and could place the ball anywhere, but instead the mist descended and he fired it wide.

“It’s not good to say that he soiled himself, but that’s basically what happened. He was weighed down by the responsibility of realising he was about to score the goal that gave Argentina the World Cup and would gain immortality.”

Basile also bitterly criticises colleagues Jorge Sampaoli, Marcelo Bielsa and Diego Armando Maradona.