Monday June 18 2018
Zamparini: 'Frosinone game illegal'

Maurizio Zamparini compared Palermo’s controversial Serie B promotion play-off defeat with Frosinone to the Calciopoli scandal and said he’ll sell the club.

The Rosanero were beaten 2-0 on the night, 3-2 on aggregate, in Saturday’s Serie B promotion play-off amid huge controversy.

The referee at first awarded a free kick on the edge of the box, then a penalty, only to revert back to his initial decision after being surrounded by furious Frosinone players.

Frosinone members of the bench were also caught on camera throwing spare footballs on to the pitch in stoppages to break up Palermo attacks and waste time.

“On Saturday we experienced an evening of illegality, as it was all a series of illegal situations,” Palermo patron Zamparini told Rai Radio 1.

“It was completely illegal and this country in a nutshell. That includes the penalty that the referee gave and then transformed into a free kick. It was a penalty, it was on the line.

“There’s no point calling these ‘alleged’ errors – they were errors and that’s all there is to it. I am fed up to the back teeth of people talking about presumed errors the way we did in the Luciano Moggi era, when we later discovered they weren’t presumed at all.

“I denounce an illegal match, including the refereeing.”

Zamparini once again threatened to sell the club, something he has been doing repeatedly for several years, and denied reports of financial irregularities.

“Palermo have no debts and anyone who takes over will find a club in profit with several Serie A players in the squad. I am not selling the club for nothing. I want to sell to someone who will invest in Palermo.

“I’ll sell within two months, certainly before the start of the season, and I hope the transfer campaign will be done by the new owner.

“In order to buy the club, he needs the capabilities to take Palermo into Serie A, so at least €40-50m to be invested over the next few years.”

Following the interview, Frosinone announced they have requested permission from the FIGC to take legal action against Zamparini for defamation.