Monday August 6 2018
Palermo file Parma challenge

Palermo have launched a legal challenge after Parma striker Fabio Ceravolo’s text messages weren’t viewed in the Spezia investigation.

Both Ceravolo and teammate Emanuele Calaiò were accused of texting with Spezia players ahead of a crucial Serie B match last season, urging them not to try too hard.

Both men maintained they were joking, but an inquest was opened by the FIGC which resulted in a five-point deduction for the Ducali for the forthcoming Serie A season.

Calaiò was given a two-year ban, but the case against Ceravolo was dropped, as he had lost his phone before the pre-trial hearing and couldn’t present it as evidence.

Palermo would have taken Parma’s place in Serie A if a point deduction had been applied to last season, and the Rosanero have launched a legal challenge.

“U.S. Città di Palermo announces that it has instructed its legal department to present a complaint to the relevant authorities in order to clarify the strange fact that, in relation to the investigation into Parma Calcio, the printouts from the missing mobile phone of the football player Fabio Ceravolo were never viewed,” the Sicilian club confirmed on their website.