Wednesday January 23 2019
Juventus give Higuain-Chelsea details

Juventus have announced the financial details of Gonzalo Higuain’s transfer to Chelsea, with options on loan until June 2020 for €18m or to buy for €36m.

A statement from the Bianconeri confirmed the situation after he signed a six-month loan this evening.

Juventus terminated the one-season loan with Milan six months early, which had been at a cost of €18m and now is cut to €9m.

“Juventus Football Club S.p.A. announces that the agreement with AC Milan S.p.A for the temporary transfer of the player Gerardo Gonzalo Higuain has been terminated and, at the same, the agreement with Chelsea Football Club Ltd for the loan, until 30 June 2019, of the player has been finalized.

“These operations do not generate any significant economic effects in the current financial year.

“The agreement also grants to Chelsea the options to extend the duration of the loan until 30 June 2020, for a consideration of €18m to be paid in 2019-20 financial year, or to acquire the registration rights of the player on a permanent basis for €36m to be paid in two financial years.”

It does not clarify how much Chelsea have spent for the six-month loan, but if it has no significant economic effects, it’s likely to be the €9m that Milan were meant to pay.

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