Friday March 1 2019
Skriniar: I can be Inter's Hamsik, but...

Milan Skriniar has expressed his desire to be Inter’s Marek Hamsik but admitted that ‘like all players, I want to win something.’

Hamsik spent 12 years at Napoli before joining Dalian Yifang last month and Skriniar is hoping to emulate his fellow Slovak at Inter, while winning a few more trophies.

“Like all players I want to win something,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

“That’s because players are remembered for what they won. For many players, the dream is to win the Champions League.

“The same goes for me, but I must start slowly because I haven’t won anything yet so I have to start by winning something.

“Of course, winning the Champions League with Inter would be even better. Hamsik played at Napoli for 12 years. If I do that with Inter then I’ll certainly be happy.

“The future? I'm in no hurry to leave. Even if I stay here for another 15 years I’ll be happy because Inter are a great club.

“I have a great relationship with the Inter fans. Maybe it wasn’t like that at first because when Inter bought me, I wasn’t that known as a player or perhaps it was because of my name…

“Then our relationship changed slowly. The applause I was given at San Siro, when I went off during our last Europa League game, left me with so many emotions.

“I want to thank the fans because it means a lot for a player to receive applause like that, especially at a stadium like San Siro.

“I also have a great relationship with De Vrij. We share a room at our training ground, so we also talk a lot outside of football.

“Above all, however, we have a great relationship on the field, where I think we’re good together.

“We help each other and that’s important for any defence. In my opinion he’is a good player, a real professional.

“We can tell each other anything, even during a game, not only good things but also things not so good, like ‘you could do that better, I could do that better.’

“He's a Coach who wants everything to be clear and in order. I like that. He wants to know, for example, if we we’re working on our defensive line and how we work.

“Even with the midfielders, he wants to know how they work. The same goes for the strikers. He’s a great person and as a Coach he’s very good.”

The 24-year-old then revealed his idol growing up and who he thought were the best defenders in the world.

“Ronaldo, Il Fenomeno,” he added.

“I remember him well. Like all children I wanted to score, provide assists and play attacking football, so maybe that’s why I liked Ronaldo.

“Among the best defenders in the world, for me, are Sergio Ramos for his character.

“In Italy certainly Koulibaly, plus I like van Dijk because when I watch his games, you realise immediately who’s in charge at the back.

“These three are the best in my opinion.”